For arrivals with babies

crib (1)
child bedding (1)
playpen (1)
highchair (2)
baby tub (2)

For gastronomic lovers

grill disk
cooking in cauldron
open fireplace    

For fishers

Lake of Egerszalók – 1 km

For arrivals with laptop, mobil

free WIFI

For hikers

Cave dwellings-Salt Hill-Highwaymen’s hiding beehive stone (Betyárbújó Kaptárkő)

Walk to Demjén

For families

above-ground swimming pool, hot tub/jacuzzi
sand box
soccer gate

For wine lovers

Wine tasting in local vinery

For who longing for romance

 Night bath in Hőforrás pools and our own hot tub/jacuzzi

For bikers

built bicycle road
Egerszalók –Eger-Felsőtárkány route

For animal lovers

small pets (dog, cat) allowed on agreed terms in advance

For wellness lovers:
Hot tub/jacuzzi
Saliris Resort Spa & Conference Hotel Egerszalók
Nostalgic Spa Egerszalók
Cascade Cave Spa & Aquapark Demjén
Demjén Thermal Bath & Spa
Thermal Lake Bath Demjén

For village traditions and events lovers

Cave dwellings,

Harvest/vintage, gastronomic and traditionalist events